Saturday, 8 December 2012

Xmas shenanigans

How does it come around so quickly?  Fresh mornings with ice on the ground, mince pies on sale and every shop playing Nutcracker on the PA…  But as ever, English National Ballet knows how to take on this season in style.

Amber and I had great fun shooting ENB's Christmas party last night.  Never a shy bunch, there was a cue forming before we'd even finished setting up the photo booth.  And the results?  Well see for yourself with the link below.

ENB Xmas Party

And if you'd rather the condensed version, have a look at this:

ENB will be opening their winter season at the London Coliseum on the 12th of December with The Nutcracker.  And followed up by Sleeping Beauty in the new year.  Both stunning productions, well worth a look.

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