Tuesday, 18 September 2012

It's a Ballet thing

If you are deeply intrenched in the ballet world, then these images will require no further explanation.  And if you're not?  Well, let me do my best to explain…

In the magical kingdom of Ballet-land, there is a nigh of fanatical fascination with feet.  The arch and the line.  How worked or natural they are?  And those that are born with "good feet" are held in exalted status.  One such person is Tamara Rojo, the new artistic director of English National Ballet.  And these just happen to be her feet.  

These images were a commission for ENB for a T-Shirt design.  They were shot in a rather tight 5min allocated time slot before a rehearsal. (Tamara's time is rather precious these days.)  And so, in the interest of getting the most out of this time, we found ourselves doing a test shoot at home the night before.  Amber, barefoot pretending to stand on point and me laying on the floor taking photos of her feet.  A perfectly normal evening in the ASH household…

Which pic is your favourite?  Or is this all just a bit peculiar to you? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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